SMMC Nutritionist Named 2007 Nutrition Ambassador Finalist 
Tuesday, 17 July 2007 
Beth Ellen DiLugio, MS, RD, CNSD, CN, finalist in the 2007 Nutrition Ambassador Program. 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – St. Mary’s Medical Center has announced that Critical Care Dietician Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RD, CNSD, CN, is a finalist in the 2007 Nutrition Ambassador Program, established by the Nestlé Nutrition Institute.            

The Nutrition Ambassador Program recognizes professionals in the field of nutritional science who clearly demonstrate an exceptional commitment to clinical nutrition and its practical application. Registered dietitians with more than three years of clinical experience and an emphasis in pediatrics or nutritional support were invited to apply for the Nutrition Ambassador Program Scholarship.  

“We’re very proud of Beth’s national recognition as well as of her contributions here at the hospital.  She has played a vital role in the implementation of nutrition best practices at St. Mary’s and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital while serving as a nutrition resource throughout the medical center and in the community,” said CEO Davide Carbone. 

Carbone also pointed out that DiLuglio was instrumental in helping St. Mary’s Medical Center and Nicklaus Children’s Hospital be among the first medical centers in Palm Beach County to be trans-fat free. When she got word of the Nestle award, DiLuglio commented, “The most exciting thing I find about being a dietitian is the opportunity to continue expanding my knowledge and understanding of nutrition as a sophisticated science. I hope nutritionists and nutrition-based companies will continue educating themselves in this area and pick up the torch as progressive leaders in the field of clinical nutrition.”

To be a finalist in the Nutrition Ambassador program, DiLuglio submitted an essay describing how nutrition support practice could be improved over the next five to seven years. She was one of ten finalists invited to Nestlé Nutrition’s headquarters in Glendale, Calif., where she presented her essays to a panel of judges that included last year’s winners.

Scott Teresi, RD, Innovation Manager of Nestlé Nutrition, said, “The judges saw a real passion and energy in Beth Ellen that bodes well for the future of her profession. It was inspiring to meet such a forward-thinking clinician.”

DiLuglio also was recognized recently by St. Mary’s Medical Center for leading the clinical nutrition staff to a 100% accuracy in obtaining prealbumin (a hepatic protein) levels—a sensitive method of assessing the severity of illness due to malnutrition in critically or chronically-ill patients.

 Nestlé Nutrition, part of Nestlé S.A., the world’s largest food company, is dedicated to infant, healthcare, and performance nutrition and weight management. With 140 years of global food experience that began with the creation of the world’s first commercial infant food, Nestlé is a leader in worldwide food and nutrition research. Nestlé Nutrition – HealthCare offers unique products and programs that encourage appropriate nutrition, from health supplements to critical care nutrition, for people facing a variety of health challenges.