SMMC Quadruplets Celebrate First Birthday 

WHAT/WHO: One year ago Thursday, Loxahatchee residents Catherine and Mike Fulton welcomed a bundle of joy that was actually four bundles: Camryn, Brendan, and identical twins Avery and Lindsey.  The rare set of quadruplets – with the even rarer identical twin combination – made quite a splash, but the proud parents thought the real heroes were the St. Mary’s NICU physicians and nurses who helped them through the birthing process and nursed their tiny tots to health.  In honor of the quads’ first birthday, all of the Fultons will return to St. Mary’s for a party with hospital staff that promises to be quadruple the fun!  Media are welcome to attend, as well as to speak with the parents and photograph/videotape the quadruplets.  

WHEN: Thursday, January 17 at 2 p.m.  

WHERE: St. Mary’s Medical Center cafeteria         

901 45th Street                                    

West Palm Beach, FL 33407

To read the press release from the quadruplet's birth in 2007, please click here.