75th Anniversary 

Faith, community, and healthcare for more than 75 years.

St. Mary’s Medical Center proudly announces the creation of its first ever Living Logo in honor of the hospital’s upcoming 75th Anniversary celebration.

On April 29, 2013, St. Mary’s Medical Center celebrated the millions of patients and families who have trusted their health, lives and futures to the hospital for the past 75 years. St. Mary’s Medical Center recognizes the founders – Franciscan Sisters of Allegany – and the physicians, employees, volunteers and Auxiliary members who have served the West Palm Beach community by providing exceptional high-quality healthcare. St. Mary’s Medical Center’s rich history and dedicated staff has made the hospital the advanced healthcare provider it is today.

“As Palm Beach County’s only Catholic faith-based hospital, it is with great pride that we celebrate the milestones St. Mary’s Medical Center has achieved over the past 75 years,” commented Davide Carbone, chief executive officer at St. Mary’s Medical Center. “Our hospital has grown from the humble beginnings of a small nursing home, to what we are today, an outstanding medical center providing award winning healthcare to the community we serve and patients across the globe.”

Founded in 1938, the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany opened a 50-bed nursing home in Palm Beach County and named it St. Mary’s. They started with modest resources but a great vision: to care for the area’s growing population with compassion and competence. St. Mary’s quickly grew into a full-service hospital during its first year of operation. Within the first decade, the Sisters added an additional 100 patient beds to the hospital and created the first tumor clinic in the state of Florida in 1947. In the 1970s, St. Mary’s Medical Center opened the Schwartz Dialysis Center and their Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) II and III began serving critically ill infants.

A large campus expansion was seen in the 1980s with the development of the 160,000 square-foot Terner patient tower and the addition of the Kaplan Cancer Center and the Interfaith and Special Care Pavilions. During the 1990s, St. Mary’s took medical care for children to new heights with the development of what is  now known as the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center, home of the first pediatric open heart surgery in the county.

The turn of the century brought the expansion of the NICU services and the second helipad to accommodate trauma traffic. Years 2008 and 2009 brought the designation of Comprehensive Stroke Center and the opening of the Paley Limb Lengthening Institute consecutively. The most recent development has been the Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery program, the first in Palm Beach County to offer minimally invasive treatment options for congenital heart defects in children.  

Throughout the years, and as a result of the hospital’s unfailing pursuit of compassionate and advanced care, many dignitaries including American presidents have sought treatment at St. Mary’s Medical Center. Members of the Kennedy family and President Bill Clinton have been treated at St. Mary’s Medical Center, designating it as one of the White House’s hospital of choice in the area.

Today, St. Mary’s Medical Center is a 464-bed, acute care hospital that provides medical, surgical, obstetrical, oncology, pediatric, trauma and emergency services to the greater West Palm Beach area. The hospital provides a wide spectrum of award-winning services, and is poised to make even more strides as it continues to develop cutting-edge programs and services for the community it serves.

“The breakthroughs achieved by the Franciscan Sisters, the hospital staff and our highly qualified physicians have helped shape healthcare not only in our community but also all across the world,” commented Carbone. “Over seven decades have passed but our vision is still the same. We look forward to continually growing and working to keep St. Mary’s Medical Center one of the best healthcare facilities in South Florida.”

On April 29th, St. Mary’s Medical Center celebrated its 75th anniversary with an Anniversary Mass held at St. Ann Catholic Church in West Palm Beach. Since its opening in 1938, the 464-bed acute care hospital continues to uphold the religious and ethical directives of the Catholic Church and has a full-time pastoral care staff, bringing comfort and support to patients and families of all faith backgrounds.

St. Mary's celebrated their 75th Anniversary on April 29th at St. Ann Catholic Church. Bishop Barbarbito of Palm Beach County was the officiate of the mass to honor St. Mary's for 75 years of faith-based healthcare.

(L to R) Donna Small, CNO; Davide Carbone, CEO; Geral M. Barbariton, Bishop of Palm Beach County; Joey Bulfin, COO; Tom Schlemmer, CFO

In conjuncture with the hospital’s Anniversary Mass, St. Mary’s Medical Center continues to proudly display its 75th Anniversary Living Logo. St. Mary’s logo is a fresh look, incorporating iconography as it points to the hospital’s rich heritage of compassion and legacy of excellent clinical care. The logo is a reminder of the medical cross and medical excellence that the hospital provides to our community.

The dove carrying the olive branch is a symbol to remind people of the Holy Spirit bringing peace and healing to all patients who enter the hospital’s care. The blue and green are refreshing and calming hues that are meant to signify healing. In addition, the blue is the color associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus. The logo design is meant to connect St. Mary’s heritage to its bright future that lies ahead, as the hospital continues to provide the highest standard of medical care to our community.

In order to make the Living Logo come to life, over 300 employees, physicians, nurses, community members, volunteers and patients stood together, as one unit, on the St. Mary’s helipad and turned the hospital’s logo into human form. Each participant wore either a blue, green or white shirt, which are the colors of the hospital’s logo. Together, as one unit, participants stood on the St. Mary’s helipad and turned it into the hospital’s logo in human form. This Living Logo is meant to connect the hospital’s heritage to its bright future that lies ahead.

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