Our orthopedic team works with specialists at St. Mary’s Rehabilitation Institute to provide comprehensive expert, intensive, and individualized care at every level, from acute care to inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient therapy. Throughout the process, we focus on comprehensive lifestyle rehabilitation, including physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapies.

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

As part of the Rehabilitation Institute at St. Mary’s, our Acute Care Rehabilitation program provides physical, psychological, respiratory, and would-healing therapies, as well as prosthetic/orthotic and other wound-healing therapies.  

Physical and Occupational Medicine

Our physical and occupational therapy programs are about more than restoring functionality to the body—they’re about restoring your lifestyle and ability to pursue meaningful work. 

That’s why we work with you to develop an individual treatment plan just for you—a plan that identifies goals, coordinates efforts, and helps to ensure that all therapies are carried through to recovery, whether in our acute care unit, inpatient unit, or outpatient clinic.


Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, or physiatrists, diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of disorders that affect how you move. The physiatrists at St. Mary’s care for sports, spine, orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions and help people get moving again.

The Rehabilitation Institute offers a comprehensive range of services that covers the entire life cycle of the rehabilitation process. For more information, please visit the Rehabilitation Institute page.