Hyperbaric Questions & Answers 

What will I feel while inside the chamber?

Treatments take place in a comfortable, climate-controlled chamber with a clear Plexiglas top. As the chamber pressurizes, you will experience fullness in the ears, similar to the feeling noted when an airplane is taking off.

Before the treatment, you will be taught how to clear your ears to relieve this fullness. When the treatment pressure prescribed by the physician is reached, the feeling of fullness in the ears decreases and you will feel normal again.

During the treatment you can read, nap, or watch TV or a movie. As the treatment concludes, the pressure decreases, similar to the feeling of a plane landing.

How long do treatments last?

Hyperbaric treatments typically last two hours, five days a week for four to six weeks. Your physician will determine the number of treatments that will be most beneficial to you.

What are some possible side effects?

Although rare, side effects may include temporary vision changes, ear pain from pressure, and oxygen toxicity. Your physician and hyperbaric technician will explain these prior to treatment.

Program Information

For questions regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy, talk with your physician for a referral to one of our hyperbaric physicians or call our Hyperbaric Center at 561-882-2852.