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The Birthplace at St. Mary's Medical Center: Classes and Tours


A must-have on every expectant parent’s list is a Childbirth Education class. The experienced RNs at St. Mary’s Medical Center can help give you confidenceas you prepare for labor and delivery — whether you’re afirst-time mom or a delivery room veteran. During our FREE class you will learn:

  • The signs of labor & when to call your doctor or midwife
  • What to do when you arrive at the hospital
  • The normal progress of labor and birth
  • Options available for coping with pain

Classes are held each month and occur on a Saturday.


Our FREE newborn care class is designed to inform parents on infant health, wellness and safety and to ease the fear of caring for a newborn baby. In this class you will learn the basics of newborn care including bathing, diapering, nutrition, feeding, sleeping habits and infant safety. We’ll take a look at newborn behavior, normal growth and development and review recommended visits to the pediatrician.

Classes are offered each month and occur in the evening.


Learning infant and child CPR is something all parents should consider. In this class, St. Mary’s certified instructors use hands-on training techniques with child-size mannequins to demonstrate how to perform every aspect of CPR and how to assist a choking child. You’ll also learn accident prevention and childproofing measures. (Fee required: $10 per person)

Classes are offered twice a month and take place on a Saturday.


New babies do not come with owners’ manuals. Diaper changes, feeding, burping and calming a crying baby can be intimidating for any first-time father. Spend a Saturday with other rookie dads to learn basic baby care and safety, bonding with your baby, how to support your partner, proper car seat safety and other practical tips on how to be a great dad. (Fee required: $20)

Classes are offered 6 times a year on a Saturday.


This FREE class is dedicated to helping moms become successful at breast feeding. In this class you will learn the benefits of breastfeeding, how it works, how to get your baby to latch on effectively, different positions for breastfeeding, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, nutritional guidance for mom, and where to get more help if you need it. Our certified lactation consultants can help you and your baby Get Off to a Good Start!

Classes are held once a month in the evening.


For parents who anticipate delivering their baby by cesarean, this tour is designed to address the unique concerns of a cesarean birth. You will learn about what is involved in the surgery including preparation and anesthesia, how your recovery may be, postpartum adjustments and the role of your support person.

Please call for more details.


We encourage our patients to tour our maternity area to help prepare for the upcoming birth of their baby. Tours are FREE and include our all-private patient rooms, the check-in and family waiting area, learn our security procedures and watch the mandatory epidural video. You can also learn about preterm babies, our NICU and the specialty care available at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital. Expectant parents may schedule a maternity tour during any stage of pregnancy. The best time to tour is during the seventh month of pregnancy in case the baby arrives early.

Several dates and times are offered each month.


Preregistration assistance is available at any of our classes and tours. Just ask!

For more information about the dates and time our classes are offered or to register for a class call:



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* Class requires the fee noted.

The Birthplace at St. Mary's Medical Center: Classes and Tours