Michael Godreau's Story

Jun 6, 2019
Michael Godreau

For the majority of his life, Michael Godreau was always an active athlete. In high school, he played football and basketball, wrestled, ran track, and even played semi-professional basketball after graduating high school. Now that he’s retired, Michael remains active through frequent visits to the golf course, and the occasional beach day with his wife of nearly 50 years, Mary. 

Over time, like most aging adults, he began to feel all those years of athleticism build up, specifically in his knees. Not thinking much of it at first, Michael stuck to his usual routines and made whatever adjustments would help alleviate his discomfort.

“I try to maintain an active lifestyle, but the developing arthritis in my knees was a challenge,” he shares. “I figured it was a normal part of aging, but my knee pain grew significantly worse, so I knew I needed to find a solution.”

Michael’s pain grew to the point that he was no longer able to kneel down or bend his left knee. Once he realized that minimal contact to this knee was unbearable and that he was now walking with a limp, he turned to the team at the Total Joint Replacement Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center. After discussing treatment options with Dr. Richard Weiner, an orthopedic surgeon on-staff at St. Mary’s, and Dede Abbate, RN, the center’s orthopedic patient navigator, Michael and Mary were confident that he was a step closer to a pain-free life.

Dr. Weiner performed a total knee replacement on Michael’s left knee. Following the surgery, Michael’s team of nurses and rehabilitation specialists worked with him to start moving the new joint as soon as possible. As part of his home health care plan put in place by the hospital’s case management team, a nurse visited the Godreaus at home to help Michael with his mobility, and even showed Mary how to help change his bandages.

“The employees and healthcare professionals involved in my healing process were phenomenal,” he expresses. “I always felt completely safe while they took care of me, and they always had such amazing attitudes.”

Michael was so impressed with the team at the Total Joint Replacement Center that when his right knee started bothering him, he didn’t think twice about where he’d go for treatment. This time, Dr. Weiner performed a partial knee replacement on Michael’s right knee. Immediately following his surgery, Michael was walking around his room with the assistance of the hospital’s physical therapists and felt minimal pain. Now that he’s at home with his beloved Mary, he makes sure to push himself as much as he can to reach his peak mobility. 

“This whole process has taught me that if your body is trying to tell you something, don’t ignore it,” Michael says. “I am confident that I’ve been able to progress as much as I have thanks to the excellent orthopedic care provided at St. Mary’s Medical Center.”

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