How You Can Help?

When your loved one is in the hospital, we’re here to help.

Your loved one shouldn’t have to go through a procedure, treatment or diagnosis alone – and neither should you. The more you understand about what’s happening and what to expect, the easier it is for you to provide support and ease the burden on the patient, which will make them feel cared for.

Read our caregiver instructions to learn what to expect as you guide your loved one through treatment and recovery.  You can also familiarize yourself with various medical procedures, conditions and medications used in treatment using the links below.

Diseases & Conditions

Do a little background reading on the condition your friend or family member is experiencing in our Health Library.

Tests & Procedures

The more you know about the specific tests your loved one may be going through, the more supportive you can be when they need you.

Caregiver Instructions

The first thing to remember if you’re a caregiver is to be sure you take care of yourself.

What Are They Going Through?

You might not always understand what your loved one is dealing with since each person reacts in his or her own way to illness and pain.

Medication Library

Find ou​t you want to know about all about ​your prescriptions i​n our Medication Library