What to Expect

There's no need to feel anxious and overwhelmed before your trip to the hospital. Knowing what you can expect can eliminate many of your worst fears.

We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to make sure you will feel confident about your upcoming stay or outpatient visit.
  If you have additional questions or suggestions, please contact us.

How to prepare:


Preparing for a Visit to the Hospital

Q: Do I need to complete additional paperwork when I arrive at the hospital?

A: Yes, you will have to fill out some additional forms upon arrival. These might include:
  • Authorization to Release Protected Health Information During This Admission
  • Consent for Treatment and Conditions For Admission
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices
Q: Do I need Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) done prior to my scheduled surgery date?

A: Your doctor will let you know, based on your age, health and procedure, which tests need to be completed from 2 to 10 days before your surgery in our Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) process. PAT appointments typically take less than 60 minutes and help to make your upcoming procedure go smoothly.

These tests may include:
Q: Where do I check in?

A: ​Ask your doctor about where to go for admissions.

Q: How do I get directions to the hospital?

A: Visit the Maps & Directions page for more information.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Q: Do I need to stop taking any of my medication in preparation for surgery?

A: Ask your doctor what you should do about your meds before your procedure.
Q: What if I become ill?

A: If you have a fever for more than 24 hours or experience flu-like symptoms, let your doctor know as soon as possible.

Q: What food and drink restrictions must I follow in preparation for surgery?

A: A light dinner the night before your procedure is fine. Avoid alcohol. No food or beverages - including water, chewing gum and mints - after midnight the night before your surgery unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Q: Will I be able to drive home after surgery?

A: No. Please arrange to have a responsible adult drive you to and from your procedure. Driving may be prohibited until you receive clearance from your physician.

The Day of Surgery

Q: When should I arrive at the hospital on the day of surgery?

A: Plan to be at the hospital at least two hours before your surgery is scheduled.

Q: Am I permitted to bathe, brush my teeth, and wear make-up and body piercings?

A: As long as you don't drink any liquids, you can bathe or shower with antibacterial soap and brush your teeth before you arrive at the hospital. Please remove all body piercings and jewelry and do not apply makeup.

Q: What happens after surgery? Will I be allowed to see friends and loved ones?

A: Your particular procedure and your body's response to anesthesia will determine how much time you spend in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Visitors are typically not allowed, but your nurse will make sure to let them know how you're doing.
Q: Who do I contact if I need to cancel my surgery?

A: Please contact your doctor or our surgery scheduling department as quickly as possible if you have to cancel your surgery.

To find out more about certain conditions, you can research our Health Library. For more information, please contact us.