Woman rescued from the Bahamas after e-bike crash, reunites with US Coast Guard, nurse and trauma team that saved her

Dec 15, 2023
Over the summer, 23-year-old Annie Flanigan experienced a harrowing incident while riding her e-bike. Late at night, she crashed and tumbled over an embankment, resulting in severe head trauma and other injuries.

Fortunately, a twist of fate intervened when Cam Conrad, one of our nurse anesthetists, happened to be staying on a nearby island. Awakened in the middle of the night, Cam got on a boat to get to Annie to provide first-aid until the United States Coast Guard could fly in from Miami to transport Annie to safety, to the exact place Cam works, #StMarysMedicalCenter.

Annie, Cam, our trauma team, and the US Coast Guard crew all gathered to reflect on this truly incredible story.
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