NICU & PICU Transport Team

Critical Care Transport Team

When a child’s life possibly hangs in the balance, there is no time to lose.  Palm Beach Children Hospital provides transport services for critically ill neonatal and pediatric patients who need the intensive care or other specialized capabilities only a pediatric hospital offers.

The Critical Care Transport Team at St. Mary’s provides resuscitation, stabilization and inter-facility transfer of patients ranging from neonates to teenagers requiring care and treatment for a variety of medical and surgical diagnoses. These can include trauma and prematurity.

Trained and experienced team

The team is comprised of nurses and respiratory therapists who have expertise in pediatric and/or neonatal intensive care, pediatric emergency nursing, trauma and critical care transport. In a transport situation, the referring facility speaks directly with our transfer center nurse to arrange the details of the transfer. Our team communicates directly with physicians at St. Mary’s to discuss management and patient disposition. Depending on the nature of the case, physicians who specialize in pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric intensive care or neonatal intensive care will consult on the case during transport.