Comprehensive Stroke Center

We’re ready.

Strokes are fast. We’re faster. A stroke can come out of nowhere. Our team is standing by. If needed, additional specialists are just a phone call away. As the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S., you bet we take strokes seriously. We want to prevent as much damage to your brain as possible, and that’s why we constantly monitor our response time to patients experiencing a stroke. There is always room to improve.

You can speak to one of our neurologists by visiting our Find a Physician page and get an evaluation to see if you’re at risk.

Your care, completed.

What does comprehensive mean at our stroke center? It means providing you with a more aggressive treatment plan. It means getting you as back to normal as physically possible. After a stroke, you’ll benefit from our acute rehabilitation service. There is a window of time in which your body will gain the most from rehabilitation therapy. We’ll use that time to the fullest because we’re in this together.


Health Fact:

25—The percentage of stroke patients that recover with minor disabilities

Team Stroke Care

At our center, you’ll work with a diverse team of passionate staff members that’ll see to your every phase of treatment. This group of doctors and nurses bring different specialists and skill sets together for a single purpose—to get you better. From the neurologists that will coordinate your treatment to the nurses in our Step Down Unit who will provide intermediate care between divisions of the hospital, you’ll benefit from each members expertise as they work to help you recover.

Would you recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke?

Read about the most common signs of a stroke in our Health Library to be prepared.