With brain surgery, you want the best

No one wants to hear they need neurosurgery. But if you’re going to receive treatment for something as serious as a brain tumor or to correct spinal deformation, then you’ll find capable treatment partners in St Mary’s team of board-certified neurosurgeons. This team has spent most of their lives studying the human brain and nervous system.

They’ve each completed years of training and competed in the toughest of residences. Of all medical specialties, you’re getting some of the brightest and most accomplished doctors.

Combining great doctors with the technology they need to treat you

When treating neurological conditions advance technological equipment helps our surgeons perform better.  As a patient, you’ll benefit from our investment in the most state-of-the art technology to minimize risks of complication and shorten your recovery time.

To receive a referral to visit one of our neurosurgeons, talk to your doctor or search for a new primary care physician in our directory here.