Sports Medicine

After the gain, let us relieve the pain.

The sacrifice we make for our love of sports can take its toll. After all the wins and losses, there remains the damage that needs to be repaired. Let St. Mary’s treat your sports or exercise-related injuries and discover what it’s like to have a team doctor. Whether you sprained an ankle, tore your ACL or suffered a concussion, our team can use their knowledge of sports medicine to help.

Walk it off or visit a hospital?

Admitting you need to see a doctor takes guts. As an athlete, you take pride in “walking it off.” But sometimes an injury is so painful that you require medical attention. We recommend that you visit St. Mary’s and let our doctors take a look. It’s better to be safe and in the game than sorry and warming the bench.

It’s easy to visit one of our doctors. You can schedule an appointment with a quick phone call or use our Find a Physician finder.


If you want a more in depth look at some of the conditions we treat, you can read about some common Orthopedic conditions here.


Learn about some of the unique Orthopedic treatments designed specifically for you or your loved one.

Tests & Screenings

We offer some of the latest in tests & screenings to help diagnose your Orthopedic injury, and create a plan for recovery. Learn about them in our Health Library.

Our Stories

The best way to learn about our hospital is from the stories of the patients who have been treated here.