Rehabilitation means different programs for different circumstances. If you receive immediate treatment during a stroke, then we may be able to minimize the amount of damage done to your brain. In some cases, you may benefit from our outpatient services. You will not have to stay in the hospital and you can receive rehabilitation treatment from physical, occupational and speech therapists.

If you require additional care, our inpatient services are available for you. In a supportive environment, our team of medical providers will work across their area of expertise to design a personalized therapy program to help return you to a free and independent life again.

Then there’s our Acute Care Unit. In addition to the traditional therapies used in outpatient services, you will also receive psychology counseling, respiratory therapy and help using your prosthetic.

You can learn more about each type of therapy here:

Occupational Therapy

Our physical and occupational therapy programs are about more than restoring functionality to the body.

Physical Therapy

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, or physiatrists, diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of disorders that affect how you move.

Speech Therapy

As a result of many different illnesses and injuries, you might lose your voice or control of your speech. Our speech therapists understand how frustrating that can be, and will work with you to get your voice back.