​We Heal for You. We Heal for Them.

Whether you visit us for an outpatient procedure, imaging services, to welcome a new addition to your family, or for other reasons, we're honored that you've trusted us with your healthcare needs. Here are some of our employees and their experience being a part of our team.

Mary's Story: Pediatric Oncology Nurse

It’s not just a chance to work with the nurses, but also with the doctors and the families, knowing that we can make a difference, knowing that we do make a difference, and knowing that we can always do better.

Joey's Story: Chief Operating Officer

After working at St. Mary's Medical Center for over three decades, Joey never thought the hospital she had come to know so well would one day save her life.

Father Aidan's Story: Former Director of Pastoral Care

You have to have the conversation, but you have to have the psychological, spiritual and cognitive journey with them. That’s what I learned with my own experiences, with my own family. When I came back here, that’s what I wanted to be involved in.

Margaret's Story: Adult ED Nurse Manager

Margaret Steele had no idea that she would be where she is today in her career. After spending a year working for St. Mary's Medical Center as a per diem nurse, and as an ICU nurse at another hospital in Palm Beach County, she immediately knew that St. Mary's was the place where she wanted to work.