Chaplain Services

Certainly there are physical challenges posed by an unexpected diagnosis or a lengthy stay in the hospital. But patients and their loved ones can also face spiritual crises.

“It’s a roller coaster,” says Rev. Aidan Lacy, former director of pastoral care at St. Mary’s Medical Center. “With a 3-year-old, for instance, if the patient is having a good day, the family is having a good day. And if she’s not, then the family is not.”

At St. Mary’s, we recognize all faiths and belief systems. Patients and their families will find a small meditation chapel on the first floor of the hospital near the Interfaith Elevators. The chapel is open on a 24-hour basis.

A Catholic Mass is held in the Old Convent Chapel on the St. Mary's campus at noon Monday-Friday.

Our chaplains are available anytime to offer their spiritual guidance to you and your family. Feel free to contact our full-time pastoral staff at (561) 882-6343.

Pastoral Care

Being sick takes an emotional toll. It’s important that you have a strong support group. The love of friends and family members will rarely be more cherished than when you are in the hospital. But sometimes we also need spiritual support. Our pastoral care services are here to fulfill that need. By respecting all beliefs and faiths, our pastoral activities are designed to be inclusive and provide all religious rites and spiritual services for members of our community.

All of our Chaplains are professionals. Their only desire is to meet the needs of those patients that request these spiritual services. They are trained to reach across different faiths while respecting all beliefs. Their goal is to provide assistance in activities for grief counseling, spiritual assessment and crisis intervention.

St. Mary's Medical Center chaplains

Reverend Provides Support & Comfort

You have to have the psychic, spiritual and cognitive journey with them.