Fetal Heart Defect

Big medicine for tiny hearts

The worst thing an expectant mother can hear is that her unborn baby may have a heart defect. But determining an unborn baby’s health prior to birth is critical if the child is going to live a long and healthy life. The Fetal Diagnostic Center allows us to perform a fetal echocardiogram that determines the health of your baby’s heart. If complications should arise, we will provide support through our Fetal Cardiology Program.

We’ll do everything we can for your baby.

If a heart defect is found, our pediatric cardiologist will sit down with you to fully explain the diagnosis and all the possible implications for your baby’s health. A plan of treatment will be designed for additional care after your baby is born. As the date of delivery approaches, you may be asked to undergo additional fetal echograms so our doctors can monitor the heart’s condition.

To schedule a fetal echocardiogram or for more information, you can reach us at (561) 469-3320.

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