Palm Beach County’s Highest Level of Neonatal Care

A NICU is a nursery for babies who are born early, have problems during delivery or develop issues while still in the hospital. But not all NICUs are the same.

When babies arrive early or require medical or surgical treatment at birth, the highly skilled doctors, nurses and technicians at our NICU have immediate access to advanced technology and can begin specialized care right away. As one of only 11 Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Centers in Florida through the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital, your baby will have direct access to the numerous pediatric sub-specialties that our dedicated children’s hospital provides.

Keeping Your Baby Close to You

As unlikely as it may seem to require Level III NICU care, it’s comforting to know that the highest level of care is right there if you need it, where you and your new baby can stay close and get to know each other.

NICU Transport Team

Palm Beach Children's Hospital provides transport services for critically ill neonatal patients who need intensive care or other specialty services.

The team is comprised of nurses and respiratory therapists who have expertise in neonatal /critical care transport. In a transport situation, the referring facility speaks directly with our transfer center nurse to arrange the details of the transfer by air or ground transport.

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