The Memory Disorder Center appoints new Medical Director

Feb 1, 2017

West Palm Beach, FL (February 1, 2017) –
Arif Dalvi, M.D. will now serve as the medical director of the Memory Disorder Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center. The Memory Disorder Center is one of 15 state-designated memory disorder centers in Florida offering comprehensive evaluation of patients with memory loss. Dr. Dalvi will lead the diagnostic testing, treatment and referral for individuals experiencing changes in their memory. The Memory Disorder Center is the only one in Palm Beach County located in a medical facility and will continue to focus on recognizing memory problems, scheduling treatment, planning and follow-up care.

“We are very pleased to have Dr. Dalvi oversee a multidisciplinary team of experts who work together to assess and treat causes of memory concerns,” said Gabrielle Finley-Hazle, CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center. “The Memory Disorder Center’s focus supports our mission to continue providing high quality neurological care to heal our community.”

Dr. Dalvi specializes in Adult Neurology and all movement disorders.  He also currently serves as the medical director of the Comprehensive Movement Disorder Center for the Palm Beach Neuroscience Institute. He is also board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and has been practicing medicine since 1990.

Specialists at the Memory Disorder Center include neurologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, registered nurses and licensed clinical social workers. Each patient at the Memory Disorder Center receives a specific comprehensive evaluation that includes several typical medical evaluations including: cognitive or neuropsychological tests, brain scans using some of the latest MRI or CT technology, health history and a physical examination. These, among other tests, are used to rule out treatable conditions and arrive at a diagnosis. Memory Disorder Center reviews include a neurological evaluation to check balance, sensory abilities or reflexes and a review of lab results to exclude possible metabolic conditions or vitamin deficiencies.

Other services provided by the Memory Disorder Center include: education and lectures to the community both lay and professional, free memory screenings, a MindSet class for those with early stage dementia and mild cognitive impairment, caregiver training classes, an early diagnosis support group, counseling, and community resource referrals.

As part of their commitment to the community, the team at the Memory Disorder Center also offers free monthly memory screenings. If you or a loved one are concerned with recent memory loss, or would like to be proactive, schedule your screening by calling (561) 882-9100.

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